Think. Dynamic.

Inspired interior design is the result of a unique, dynamic relationship between the client, their interior designer, and the contractors. It’s one founded on a shared goal and, above all, trust. Through forging strong relationships with local contractors, we’re able to enhance our client’s overall experience. Our designers also specialize in working with architects and builders. By being involved in the earliest stages of architectural and build-out detailing, we’re able to ensure that the client’s vision is realized to its fullest potential.

Think. Residential.

Our process is more of a voyage of discovery, which sounds lofty but is actually very straightforward. We begin by visiting your home and evaluating the space itself. We look at lighting, layout, client lifestyle and needs that will influence the design. We then conduct intensive research on the many elements that will complete the interior, such as colors, textiles, flooring, furniture, lighting and accessories. Our ultimate goal is to create an interior design that will work with you as much as your space.

Think. Commercial.

Thanks to their dozens of years of experience in the commercial industry, our designers have extensive knowledge in designing restaurant and retail spaces. Especially in regards to logistical kitchen requirements, building codes, and materials performance.

We specialize in:

  • Adjacency planning
  • Design layout
  • Electrical planning
  • Material selections for cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and flooring
  • Furniture and fabric selections
  • Color coordination
  • Window treatments
  • Accessorizing

Think. Harmony.

Here, we believe that there’s a certain level of harmony a well-designed space exudes. It’s palatable. It’s effortless. It’s undeniable. Space, flow, color, textiles, lighting, furniture, flooring are just a few of the elements we take into consideration when creating an interior’s design, whether it’s a residential space or the headquarters of a corporation. We ask ourselves: How will the space be used? How will it need to be used in the future? What elements need to be considered? Via our trade only resources, boutique vendors, and other suppliers, we procure only the best pieces and stylish materials for each interior we design. Making the most of our reliable resources and most trusted craftspeople.

Think. Green.

Understanding that multiple environments should be taken into consideration, Think Design is an avid supporter of environmentally friendly design. Whenever possible, we utilize green building and decor materials such as:

  • Renewable Lyptus® and bamboo flooring
  • Upholstery made with organic cotton
  • VOC-free paint
  • Furniture built with teak reclaimed from railroad ties

Which means that our dedication to the environment means that in addition to being good for you, our design is good for our planet.


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