Amber Anderson Think DesignAmber Anderson
project manager

Having grown up between the shores of Lake Michigan and the skyline of Chicago, Amber quickly understood the artistic juxtaposition between nature’s form and the structure of architectural skylines.  The inspiration she found within these elements lead to her passion for
interior design.

Amber studied at and received her design degree from the prestigious Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, MI.  She began her career with a large design firm dedicated to the hospitality industry.  She learned to design firmly, organize specifications, and was introduced to green building through the construction of a LEED
certified hotel.

Amber needed more creativity than this commercial firm offered. She looked around to find a company with more diverse opportunities.  Thus, she entered the world of Think Design LLC.  The partners were quick to recognize Amber’s professionalism, charm, and inventiveness. She was soon promoted to the position of Project Manager.

With a formidable workload, Amber studied the LEED rating system for buildings, and earned LEED accreditation in 2008.

Amber plays an important role in all projects completed by the firm, specifically Hopcat - Grand Rapids own beer bar and The Crushed Grape, a wine and spirits boutique.

She remains passionately conscious of sustainable design and is raising awareness in the West Michigan community with her design expertise.

Her essentials:  live music, red wine, and her carbon footprint. 



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